Our Mission

Keeping Government Beholden is a non-partisan foundation formed to educate the public on how the government is supposed to preserve records of its actions and decisions at all levels. Through our educational endeavors, we seek to increase awareness of how changing rules and technology are ushering in a new era of government transparency and accountability. Through investigation, litigation, and public advocacy, Keeping Government Beholden’s mission is to teach the public how to acesss the information to which they are rightfully entitled while ensuring the government complies with directives to provide access to its records

Thanks to the information technology revolution, government employees are creating more documents and communications than ever which must be catalogued and preserved. In response, the federal government has embarked on a bold project to take these materials and create a comprehensive historical record of its choices and deliberations for future generations. The goal is much loftier than basic collection: in the words of the 2012 Managing Government Records Directive,“records protect the rights and interests of people, and hold officials accountable for their actions.”

Keeping Government Beholden will verify the government remains beholden to both the letter and spirit of the directives shaping record retention and accessibility. Keeping Government Beholden believes the objectives of openness, transparency, and accountability are achieved by guaranteeing access to records through freedom of information and open records laws. We will share the results of our work and other educational materials in the hope of assisting individuals and organizations seeking access to the government’s own account of it’s actions. In this small way, Keeping Government Beholden hopes to contribute to the greater pursuit of promoting integrity and fighting corruption in our government and politics.

Keeping Government Beholden is a 501c(3) non-profit.